INRCOG assists local governments with grant applications to state and federal agencies for financial assistance through grants and low interest loans. Projects are directly linked to low and moderate income families and are based on community need and impact. Funding has been traditionally secured through the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program and through the USDA - Rural Development grant and low interest loan program.

Public Works projects that have been funded include water and sanitary sewer improvements and systems. Connection to rural water systems, water towers, wastewater lagoons and treatment facilities are a few of the projects that have been funded within the region. In addition, funding is also available to financially assist public facilities. Projects assisted include group homes, senior centers, daycare facilities, family shelters, facilities for children at-risk, and to assist mentally handicapped individuals.

INRCOG also provides application assistance to other IDED and USDA program such as the Community Development Fund, the Rural Business Opportunity Grant program and the Rural Business Enterprise Grant fund.

Available Services

Grant Administration
Grant administration is provided for most grants and especially for Community Development Block Grants which involve compliance with complex state and federal regulations and guidelines. INRCOG provides assistance from conceptualization of a project through the writing of the grant, and grant administration including environmental and historical review, assistance with the purchase of land, insuring contractor compliance with federal wage requirements, through the final audit of the project.

Technical Assistance
INRCOG provides a wide array of technical assistance to both public officials and the general public. Information can be provided on city codes, resolutions, ordinances, community builder plans, capital improvement plans, needs assessments for solid waste, fire and emergency services departments and other general areas relating to municipal and county activities.

Tax Increment and Tax Abatement
Our region has over 30 cities with established Tax Increment Fund (TIF) districts. INRCOG provides Urban Renewal plans, mapping, public hearing information, consultation services, resolutions ordinances and sample agreements for the establishment of an Urban Renewal area and the implementation of a TIF project. Tax Increment can be used for a multiple of community development purposes such as the purchase of land, demolition of existing structures, financial assistance, financial incentives, infrastructure including water, sewer and road improvements and many other ways to make a local project a reality.

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